We make documentary videos for China Global Television Network, from the idea to the edition, we translate the material, we send it for corrections and we do the final export without graphs so that they put their respective graphs of the project.
This project is about documenting a day in the life of a coffee worker.


(MARCH 2019)

Director - Daniel Manrique
First Asistent director - Alejandro Gutierrez
Productor - Lorena Sierra
Bob Kuzz
First assistent production - Estefanía Sánchez
Director of photography / Camera - Santiago Loaiza
Key light - Juan Camilo Puerta Restrepo
Johan Fabian Beltran Nieto
Camera assistant - Daniel Muñoz
Back photos - Yesid Rendón “Black silver studio”
Art director - Jonatan Piedrahita
Art assistent - Stiven Marin
Costume - Manuela Betancourt
Make up - Vanessa Villada
Catering - Ana Rubiela González
Kelly Daniela Tejada Urrego
Doris Astrid Jorge González
Editor: Daniel Manrique

Production and image registration

Short documentary notes for the Middle East (2017 till date)

Since March 2017 we have been making short documentary notes in Argentina and now from Colombia for Flair Media Consultancy, a link producer that generates audiovisual content for medium-eastern channels

These productions are shown on channels such as Aljazeera Arabic, Algahad and Al Arabiya

With these registers the intention is to give knowledge of initiatives, social, cultural, environmental or traditional of the country that others can adapt to their cultures, contexts and societies.

Production and Realisation of institutional video

Pinta Argentina Fundación (2017/2018)

This video was made with the intention of publicizing the foundation.

We made a short version for social networks and this long version for promotion and diffusion

This video was shot with the Sony a7sii camera.

Production and realization for a collective art show

Touch and multiply - Matienzo Cultural Center (Buenos Aires-Argentina, June 2017)

This video was made to document the opening of a collective art exhibition

It was shot with the Sony a7sii camera.

Production and realization of experimental short

Short Film Rebirth (2017/2018)

This project was carried out in Santa Marta, Colombia, in Tayrona National Park, it was written and developed on the site in an experimental manner.

This short film was shot with Canon 7D camera, and its postproduction was a work in collaboration with people from (Colombia, Spain and Argentina)

Script: Lorena Sierra / Daniel Manrique

Director of Photography: Daniel Manrique

Original Music: Juan Felipe Correa y  Federico Wiske

Sound Post-produccón: Steipher Bustos Amezquita

Color Corection: Angel Manrique

Colaboration: Oscar Montero. Indigenous leader of the Kankuamo people